We are expanding our ministry and will soon be starting up a food pantry targeted to those individuals that often get excluded from food banks by mere dollars. We encourage all families to apply. We also have a Help Yourself Shelf that is often filled with items that can be taken for free, and an outdoor bin will soon be established. We strive to provide for the community and have many exciting events planned for the coming year!

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We aren’t your typical church. We are Firebrands of revival.

-We are a people of action.
– We study to show ourselves approved.
– We hide the Word in our hearts.
– We actively seek the gifts.
– We passionately chase down the overwhelming presence of God.
– We are believers in Word and in deed.
– We equip one another to SEEK the Lord until we FIND Him so we can FOLLOW Him and LEAD others to Him.
– We do not reflect Jesus. We refract Him; allowing Him to enter every facet of our lives with His redeeming power and might so we can in turn shine that Light back into a dark and fallen world.
– We expect miracles. We anticipate the outpouring. We wait only on Jesus.
– We are excited for the opportunity to go and tell the world about Jesus, igniting the fires of revival, and causing action and change.
– We are relentless, unsatisfied, and completely unwilling to compromise what God has called us to do.

We are Firebrand Fellowship.